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I Remember Buddy Holly


I remember the Coronation, Elizabeth started her rule,

Parties with cakes and jelly, and best, a day out of school.

I remember Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry and Elvis the ‘King’

I know all the words, to all their songs, in front of the mirror, I’d sing.

I remember Marilyn Monroe, I was in lust with Doris Day,

Lurid scenes, in teenage dreams, still get me hot today.

I remember the Russian ‘Sputnick’, blasting into space,

Then the Americans, belatedly, joining in the race.

I remember the start of ‘The Beatles’, ‘Sgt Pepper’ was best I think,

But when did he become a ‘Doctor’, and start selling a fizzy drink.

I remember where I was, when someone shot JFK,

The details of Dallas Plaza, as if it was yesterday.

I remember there was no ‘Starbucks’, no ‘MacDonalds’ as well,

The only ‘Burger’ that we knew, was ‘Gessler’ in ‘William Tell.

I remember Neil Armstrong, “ A great step for mankind”,

Dubious video, of the moon, with footsteps left behind.

I remember the original ‘Live Aid’, with Geldof pushing his luck,

‘F-ing’ and ‘blinding’ on our tv’s, trying to raise a buck.

I remember the Vietnam conflict, sneaky fighting at ‘Tet’,

America playing it down, just trying to forget.

I remember the end, of the ‘Berlin Wall’, jubilation to be free,

Now East Germans can get ‘MacDonalds’, just like you and me.

I remember Margaret Thatcher, the first woman ‘P.M.’,

She was loved, she was hated, but come ‘The Argies’, she really sorted them.

I remember when ‘crack’ was something, that happened to your glass,

Not some evil drug, and when we just walked on ‘grass’

I remember ‘Tianamen Square’, in Beiging, so far away,

And when ‘Fish and Chips’, was the only, available ‘Take-Away’

I remember my first long trousers, bare legs covered at last,

And my first kiss, in detail, wet and sticky and fast.

I remember these things so clearly, as in my chair I lay,

So why can’t I remember, where I put my glasses, only yesterday!

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