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Brown Eyed Girl


I still feel that little tingle, every time we touch,

That warm glow, deep inside, I love you, oh so much.

In the early morn, I feel your fingers, twisting in my hair,

A bridge, between two souls, telling me you care.


To me, you’re still eighteen, an angel in disguise,

I can still, lose myself, in those big brown eyes.

Though the years are passing, as I grow grey and bald

In my eyes, my darling, you never will grow old.


It seems like it was yesterday, the day that we first met,

I knew you were the one for me and I hoped your heart to get.

Time hasn’t diminished my love for you, it’s always been so strong,

The strength you give to me, each day, has carried me along.


Our hands still touch, when we walk out, fingers just entwine,

I don’t care, what others think, I’m proud to show you’re mine.

A glance, a smile, a lifted brow, a twinkle in your eye,

Little signals of our love, immune to passers by.


I have always tried my best, there’s things still left to do,

For there are so many things, I still want to give to you.

I wish I could protect you, from all life’s hurt and pain,

Make you laugh, give you joy, give you sunbeams in the rain.


I hope our love, goes on and on, lasts for many years,

Know that I’ll be here, to protect you from your fears.

With our love, so far we’ve conquered all, made our way through life,

I love you forever, ‘Brown Eyed Girl’, I love you darling wife.





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