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I Will Live On

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Don’t cry for me in sadness, don’t weep for me in sorrow,

For I will live on beside you, as sure as comes tomorrow.

My body has gone but my spirit lives on, as does my love for you,

Just as in life, I’ll watch over you, I always will be true.

My blood lives on in my children, how I’ve watched them grow with pride,

I’ll live on within them, always by their side.

I know my jokes weren’t always funny and jobs weren’t always done,

Just try and remember the good times, the days when we had fun.

Reach out if you need me, for I always will be near,

Just talk to me, as if I am there, I promise I will hear.

For I’ll live on, within your mind, we’ll never be apart,

As long as you keep, my memory, deep within your heart.

So lift up your hearts, don’t be sad, my spirit hasn’t gone,

While you’re still there, so am I, I really will live on.




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