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Around our cities, the cowards scuttle,
Like demented human 'roaches,
This time planting deadly bombs,
On subway trains, buses and coaches.

They say they fight a 'holy' war,
But these cowards are quite wrong,
No god condones the death of innocents,
This doesn't make cowards strong.

In New York, Madrid and London,
These cowards shelter still,
Mistakenly believing,
That they can shake our will.

They justify cowardice with 'Jihad',
And try to make us cower,
But these so-called 'holy fighters',
Just hunger for personal power.

Like most cowards, they know,
That their 'Mission' isn't true,
So, like all cowards everywhere,
They just bully me and you.

There's no 'nirvana' waiting,
For them when they die,
They are just using gullible people,
With another coward's lie.

They say they fight for 'freedom',
Try to give their lies expression
But like cowards everywhere,
They subject people to oppression.

Don't glorify them with high flown names,
Like 'terrorist' or 'martyr'
These people are just cowards,
With our lives they will not barter.

We won't give in, we wont bow down,
This should be realised,
We've been defeating cowards like these,
Since we've been civilised.

Now is the time for all free man,
Of all countries and all creeds,
To show that for defeating cowards,
Moral strength is all it needs.

So let's work together, all on the same side,
Wherever they may go, don't let these cowards hide
For they are not fighting for the people,
Whatever they may say,
They are just clever cowards,
Who seek to impose their way.

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