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Fifty Comes Around


Fifty is such a simple word, it just rolls off the lips,

It’s not a very threatening word, unless it’s on your hips.


Just think of all those speed limit signs, that you see on the way,

They are there now, to remind you, this is a special day.


Not such a momentous word, you still have far to go,

And Fifty is not as big a deal, as was ‘The Big Four O’.


Now, you’re of a ‘certain age’, you’re in a special class,

Only a little while and you get a free bus pass.


It’s only half a hundred, or just twice twenty five,

So keep all your chins up, you’re going to survive.


To us, you’re still that little imp, in a ‘brownie’ skirt,

Knickers full of worms, knees all caked with dirt.


Fifty is such a simple word, it really is no threat,

It’s better than fifty one, and that’s a certain bet.

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