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Africa - Where's The Profit

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Africa - Where's The profit ?


How pious those politicians are,

When up there on T.V.

Saying that, all the things they do,

They do for you and me.

I don’t remember requesting weapons,

Or to send my sons to war.

Just how many tons of food,

Would all that money provide for?

I didn’t ask for that highway,

Or the ‘modern art’ with purple lights.

I would rather all those millions,

Helped with Human Rights.

Did I ask to stockpile food in hangars,

Until the price goes high.

Why can’t we send it, to Africa,

Instead of letting them die.

The cost of clothes, for the ‘P.M’s’ wife,

Or even the President’s daughter.

Would probably give thousands of villages,

Access to clean water.

And if every politician, in the world,

Gave just one tenth of their wages.

It would feed millions of people in Africa,

Help them survive for ages.

If we must invade some countries,

Because of ‘principles’ so high.

How about those, spending money on weapons,

While their people die.

Conglomerates make huge profits,

Feeding those, already obese.

So why can’t they spare some millions,

To help fight this disease?

So Mister Politician, if you are itching to invade,

Let’s all invade Africa, with help and love and aid!

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