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Mental Torture

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Mental Torture


I am being subjected to mental torture; they tinker with my emotions,

My brain is being attacked, as if by magic potions.

They want me to think that what they are saying, is the truth without a doubt,

They want me to stop thinking, throw all my judgement out.

Bombard me with graphic images, chosen to warp my mind,

They are trying to convince me, their motives are true and kind.

Deriding my personal hygiene, their methods are so slick,

Repeating their liturgy, over and over, until I feel quite sick.

The methods used are scientific, a product of modern man,

To implant ideas, in my head, that is their evil plan.

Subtle insinuations, about giving my family the best,

It just goes on, hour after hour, my brain screams for a rest.

Orwell said, they would control our brains, back in 1984,

And now they are here, torturing me, I can’t really take much more.

But I have an escape, just press the button, ignore what it does to me,

I can’t stand it any more, watching adverts on TV!



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