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Cheap and Safe ?

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Cheap and Safe ?


Jagged light tears through the sky,
Lightning, searing bright.
Thunderbolts, crash all around,
All is dark as night.
Stunted growth, of long dead trees,
Limbs scarred black and brown.
Skeletal fingers, pierce the horizon,
Leaves, long since cast down.
Everywhere fractured buildings,
Mute testament to man.
A turgid, polluted trickle,
Where the mighty river ran.
No cocks’ crow, no birds sing,
No children’s laugh at play.
The unearthly silence, still pervades,
Since that fateful day.
The very earth lays fallow and dead,
Just grey polluted dust.
No sign of Man, the insidious creature,
That wounded natures’ trust.
From whence did it come, this awful day,
This terror, from which we cower.
From that place, they said would give us,
All cheap nuclear power.


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