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My Invisible Friend

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My Invisible Friend


I have got a great big secret,

And this is no pretend.

I’ve got an invisible play mate,

And he is my real best friend.

He says his name is ‘Ah-Ha’,

He’s a great big, purple, cuddly bear.

The only time he comes to me,

Is when there’s no grown ups there.

My Mum says I’m being silly,

That Ah-Ha isn’t real.

But I know he does, ‘cos he’s my friend,

He knows just how I feel.

When I’m feeling lonely,

In my room at night.

Ah-Ha comes and looks after me,

So, he must be real, all right?

I tell him all my secrets and worries,

He doesn’t think I’m dumb.

And he always does believe me,

Not like my Dad and Mum.

Ah-Ha is always there,

To help both night and day,

But he says, that one day soon,

He will go away.

I said I wanted him to stay,

He’s always warm and kind,

But he says I’m growing up,

And soon will close my mind.

Mum says that she will help me,

And not to be too sad.

She told me, she still remembers,

An invisible friend she had.

My best friend Ah-Ha,

I’ll miss you when you go.

When I grow up, I must remember,

Why I loved you so.

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