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Simply Love

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Simply Love


I can feel small electric pulses,

Running up and down my spine.

Like myriads of icy fingers,

Each time your lips touch mine.

I could fall into your dark brown eyes,

And swim in their sparkling tears.

I just want to take you in my arms,

And chase away your fears.

I can’t describe the love between us,

Simple words aren’t enough to say.

I just know my love for you,

Grows stronger every day.

My passion is like a locomotive,

Thundering down the track.

Since that day that I first saw you,

There has been no turning back.

You’ve brought joy into my world, sunshine to my life,

Since that fateful day, when you became my wife.

I really have been blessed, by someone up above,

The thing I have for you, my darling, it is simply love.

Through the years, it’s just grown stronger,

This love I share with you.

What more can I say, my darling

Than, simply, I love you

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