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Poetry 4U - Poems Short Stories and Song Lyrics by John Roberts

Your Local Sniper

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Your Local Sniper


Rivulets of rain, like cold fingers on my spine,

Patter on my cover, image intensifier whines.

I carefully adjust my body, this harbinger of death,

The only signs of life that show, a wisp of frozen breath.

Three days I’ve lain in this damp hole, no target yet I’ve seen,

A harbinger of death, doing my duty for my Queen.

I try to quell my thoughts, of home and heart and wife,

As I lay here patiently, to take another man’s life.

Through many years of training, I’ve learned to be detached,

Not to consider the target, more than a photo to be matched.

Maybe, he has a family, a wife and child, like me,

But I have my orders, he must die, so others may be free.

I slowly scan the field before me, electric green in the image sight,

A harbinger of death, my target may come tonight.

People may abhor me, for what I do, and why,

My target is a ‘bomber’, and for this, he must now die.

I see movement by the cottage door, I slowly lift my gun,

Check the crosshairs in the sight, my deed may soon be done.

I hear the sounds that invade the night, a distant badger’s cough,

There’s no one there, by the door, I turn my night sight off.

The radio hisses in my ear, through the static a quiet voice sounds

From some safe post, far away, the C.O. doing his rounds.

I whisper my report, so as not to give my hide away,

A harbinger of death, I’ll come back another day.

You may not like to be conscious, that people like me exist,

A harbinger of death, laying waiting in the mist.

Who do you think protects your freedom, your liberal way of life,

I may be a deadly sniper, but I’m just the guy next door, with the lovely wife.

As you sleep quite safely, in your comfy family bed.,

I may be out, in that field once more, and some one may be dead

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